Commercial Security
Below are some of the benefits certain locations see when utilizing security cameras.

Whether a car dealership or the local body-shop, no one is watching the facility or the inventory after closing time. Theft and vandalism has always plagued the automobile industry. 


Frontline Protection offers superb protection for you building, lot, and retail operation.  With an array of analog and IP surveillance systems we can help you protect your business.


Benefits achieved through Video Surveillance


* Deters vehicle theft

* Deters vandalism to vehicles and facility

* Reduces liability persons and vehicles

* More control of sales force

* View property remotely from computer or smart phone


As experience security integrators, Frontline Protection has partnered with restaurants and bars of all sizes to understand the threats they face on a daily basis.  From employee theft to dine and dash situations, our surveillance solutions focus in on all activity in and around your facility.  This allows you to see what is happening at all times, either on sight or remotely from a computer, or mobile device.


Our team of professionals is well trained in restaurant and bar surveillance.  We offer consulting, integration, configuration, and support services to restaurants, bars, cafes, quick serve chains, and drive-thru establishments.


Benefits achieved through Video Surveillance:


* Monitor patron flow and wait service

* Deter Dine and Dash

* Discourage theft and vandalism

* Unwarranted lawsuits “slip and fall”

* Remote viewing from computer or smart phone

* Savings on Liability Insurance


Violence in schools and churches has become a real threat, and shouldn’t be ignored, which is why video surveillance is so crucial. Frontline Protection has the knowledge and background to help protect from threats such as trespassing, vandalism, student misbehavior, and violent crime.


Frontline Protection offers project consultation, configuration, wireless networking, and on site security reviews.  We provide a solution that’s right for your school, church or campus.


Benefits achieved through Video Surveillance:


* Prevent trespassing/vandalism on school or church property

* Monitor student and faculty behavior

* Deter violent criminal acts

* View facility remotely from computer or smart phone

* Ensure safety of staff, teachers and administrators

* Savings on Liability Insurance

Property Management

The challenges in the property management industry are quite complex.  While trying to protect their hard assets, property managers are also trying to create a safe environment for their tenants, and to deter un-welcomed visitors.


Frontline Protection customizes a security and surveillance system to help accomplish these multi faceted concerns.  We will design a system that provides a safe environment for your tenants in all common areas as well as parking structures.  Additionally, allowing managers and owners to protect their investment in the property.  This can all be accomplished by using Alarm, Access Control, and Video Monitoring.


Benefits from Video, Access Control, and Alarm


* Safeguard property from physical damage

* Minimize criminal activity and tenant misconduct

* Reduce liability with a nonbiased assessment

* Prevent unauthorized parking

* Reduce theft and vandalism

* View property remotely from computer or smart phone

Construction Sites

Construction sites face a unique range of security challenges, including accidents, vandalism, and theft of raw materials, such as lumber, steel, copper pipe and wire.  Installing an expertly planned security and video surveillance system throughout the site is a critical step for ensuring safety and security.


Frontline Protection utilizes a unique combination of tools to provide a custom Construction site surveillance solution.  Utilizing security towers with surveillance cameras and other equipment along with live monitoring by trained security professionals, we will create a cost effective security solution for your business.


Benefits achieved through Video Surveillance:


    * Reduce construction site theft

    * Ensure a safe working environment for employees

    * Monitor construction process to increase efficiency

    * View facility remotely from computer or smart phone

    * Monitoring by trained security professionals

    * Decrease liability from frivolous claims and lawsuits

    * Savings on Liability Insurance

Storage & Warehouse

Warehouse and Storage Facilities are ideal candidates for video surveillance systems.  Large facilities spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to secure.  By strategically placing security cameras, warehouse owners and managers can focus on at-risk areas and minimize the threat of theft.  Surveillance cameras also provide added value for customers.


Frontline Protection can professionally install an IP camera system to meet all your security needs.  IP cameras can make your existing security measures more flexible.  These systems integrate extremely well with armed security guards.  The guards can monitor much more of the facility than simply by foot.


Benefits achieved through IP Video Surveillance


  • Reduced theft from storage units

  • Deters vandalism

  • Reduces Liability

  • Added value for customers

  • View facility remotely from computer or smart phone

  • View multiple locations through NVR


Industrial sites face their own unique set of security challenges.  Increased terrorism both domestic and abroad makes it increasingly more difficult to protect against, theft of raw materials, storing and shipping of product, and safe guarding during the manufacturing process. 


    Frontline Protection has the expertise and knowledge to         

    lead your industrial site in the right direction.  We will

    provide an in-depth project assessment and work within

    your budget and project requirements to ensure that your

    security and safety needs are met.   


Benefits achieved through Video Surveillance:                


* Reduced Theft

* Employee Protection

* Building Security

* View facility remotely from computer or smart phone

* Perimeter protection from intruders


Some of the concerns facing the hospitality industry today are theft, crime, vandalism, terrorism and much more.  From hotels, museums, convention centers, stadiums, and gaming facilities, “Frontline Protection” possesses the know-how and skill set to deliver outstanding security.


Frontline Protection provides a generous suite of services to our hospitality customers.  We perform extensive site security reviews, camera location evaluation, configuration and professional installation.  Rest assured you can count on us to meet your unique security, access control and surveillance needs.


Benefits from Video, Access Control, and Alarm


* Better crowd control

* Patron and staff safety

* Increased customer service

* Deters theft and vandalism

* Tighter control on employees

* Reduces liability

*View property remotely from computer or smart phone

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