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Unlock Unparalleled Security: Introducing the Frontline Mobile Security Trailer

Experience the Future of Property Security for starting at $3000/month

Imagine a world where your property is monitored 24/7 by the most advanced security technology available, providing you with peace of mind and a level of security that’s unmatched.

All-Inclusive Security Package 


Cutting-Edge Hardware

Lease our top-tier surveillance trailer featuring advanced PTZ, panoramic, full-color, and active deterrence cameras. Equipped with solar power and backup battery for uninterrupted operation.


Immediate Deployment

Our trailer can be operational within minutes, providing an efficient and immediate security solution


Comprehensive Video Management System (VMS)

Cloud-based software for remote access and control, automated alerts, and real-time activity display on your app or web-enabled device.


Active Deterrence Technology

Automated audio messages, strobe, and floodlights to actively prevent criminal activity.



Easily scalable to meet the needs of any enterprise, no matter the size.

24/7 Monitored Security 

Take immediate action on all active threats with our included Live Monitoring. 24/7 security for just $3.50/hr

Active Deterence

All mobile security units are equipped with 75db loud speaker. Programmed with auto response or live deterrence. 

5,889 Square Foot Coverage

Monitor large outdoor areas, fly over obstacles, and perform frequent, randomized patrols. Observe anything on a 30 acre
property in under 1 minute. 

AI Equipped

Active recognition and identification of humans, cars and animals. Reduce response time with our adaptive artificial intelligence. 

Don't Miss Out on Unmatched Security


Exclusive Bonuses

Raising the Bar


VIP Training Session

Personalized training for you and your security team. Full integration with your existing or newly installed security systems. 


Priority Customer Support

Access to our elite 24/7 support team with call, text and email support.


Free Service Calls

Frontline Protection will service your Mobile Unit, Cameras and Speakers free of charge for the duration of your lease. 


Custom Security Report

Monthly tailored reports highlighting key observations and actionable recommendations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Full refund of your first two months’ payments if not satisfied within 60 days.

Performance Guarantee

99.9% uptime and reliability or a 10% discount on your next month’s payment.

Rapid Response Guarantee

A live human will respond to all threat level events within 60 seconds or a $1,000 credit toward your monthly fee.

Business Owner, CO

"Rob set me up with a wonderful alarm, door access, and video system to monitor all aspects of our security"

Limited Time Offer: Only 20 mobile units available Until August 15. Secure your spot now before they’re gone.

This is more than just a security solution – it’s peace of mind, reliability, and cutting-edge technology all wrapped into one unbeatable offer. Our Mobile Units aren't just the best choice; they are the only choice for those who refuse to compromise on security.

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